SSG? Sg!

For the longest time, this website and my web projects were all in hard coded html. Sure I wrote all the contents in markdown and converted them using my favourite markdown convertor, but I will need to add some structures like navigation menu and footer before my website expands to more than a couple pages.

Build a Static site generator?

While doing some research on which SSG to go for, I found a deep rabbit hole to build a static site generator in 100 lines of Rust.

With very little help of my best friend ChatGPT, I built a SSG within a few minuts. None of that code in the repo are OG though.

While the idea of starting from scratch is great, there are way too many features missing in the project. Figuring out how to write my own templating language is unrealistic, not to say I have zero experience in using templates.


Choosing an SSG from the infinent options on this huge list was a fun process. I learnt about the different templating systems, and how much time it could save me. I end up using Zola, simply because it compiled before I figured anything else out.