Melody Shih


Many of my projects are for learning new languages, frameworks and libraries.

Visit ClippyCat on Github to see the full list.


Tech stack: Javascript, Python

Who needs a complex interface and fancy templates when Markdown takes care of it all? SyncSlide is a synchronized presentation tool that simplifies the experience for both presenters and audiences. Every participant can follow along seamlessly on their own devices, while the presenter retains full control over the content displayed on every screen. Craft your informative, engaging presentations by leveraging the simplicity and power of Markdown and css!


Tech stack: Next.js, Rust, SQLite

VillageVote is a voting system which allows creating polls, voting and populating the results. In order to simplify the process of opinion gathering, the application features voting methods including single select, multi select and ranking.

While many fancy survey tools include more advance features, VillageVote is dedicated to simplicity and accessibility. Regardless of your navigation methods, VillageVote provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience that ensures everyone can participate in the decision-making process.


Tech stack: Python

Here's a slide puzzle which I thoght would be easy to implement. My current code panics at a grid size above 4, but the more efficient salution involves too much spooky math. Learning the theory will remain on my to do list, so let's Blame the language in the meantime.


Tech stack: Rust

Mancala in Rust is my attempt to digitallize the traditional two-player African board game in which players strategically distribute and capture seeds or stones from pits on the board to accumulate points. The project only runs in terminal at the moment, but a web version will be on the way.


Tech stack: scripting languages

Why enter so many lines of commands when I can get the same tasks done in one? Script is my place to store all that instructions I don't want to memorize.

Justified by Bill Gates:

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

Number game

Tech stack: C++

My first personal project written in my first programming language. It is a small counting game which contains simple logic.

I also occasionally come up with randum ideas.